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Biała Księga w Praktyce Klinicznej (polish ver.)
White Paper on AI in Clinical Practice (english ver.)


Although the use of artificial intelligence in health has not yet been regulated in Poland or the EU, medical facilities are already reaching for AI-based solutions. As a result, they face many challenges and uncertainties. The "White Paper on AI in Clinical Practice" is the answer to them. The result of the self-regulation was announced on June 14 at the "AI in Health" international conference.

The "White Paper on AI in Clinical Practice" aims to identify the most important questions and concerns that arise in the daily practice of AI application. From the document you can learn: what artificial intelligence in health is, what opportunities it creates, whether its application in health care is legally permissible, how artificial intelligence can support the medical professional and the patient, and what public policy is on the development of artificial intelligence in health care. The authors of the document also devoted considerable attention to patient rights.

The "White Paper on AI in Clinical Practice" therefore indicates proposed directions of response and possible solutions, which, in the opinion of the authors of the self-regulation, can contribute to increasing the safety and quality of the use of AI, and ultimately to building confidence in this technology. It has as practical a dimension as possible, so that it can translate into implementable courses of action.

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Members of the Scientific Council

Prof. Jarosław J. Fedorowski, President of the Polish Hospital Federation, Chairman of the Scientific Council

Piotr Węcławik, Director of the Innovation Department at the Ministry of Health

Hubert Życiński, Deputy Director of the Department of Innovation at the Ministry of Health

Jakub Adamski, Director of Strategy and Systemic Activities Department at the Office of the Patient Ombudsman

Paweł Kikosicki, Director of eHealth Center

Radosław Sierpiński, President of the Medical Research Agency

Doctor Artur Drobniak, Vice-President of the Supreme Medical Council

Michał Gontkiewicz, Member of the Regional Medical Chamber in Warsaw

Agnieszka Siennicka, Wroclaw Medical Univesity

Małgorzata Gałązka-Sobotka, Dean of the Center for Postgraduate Education and Director of the Institute of Health Care Management at Lazarski University

Sebastian Irzykowski, Vice-President of the Supreme Chamber of Nurses and Obstetricians

Paweł Krzesiński, Professor at the Department of Cardiology and Internal Diseases of the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw

Partners of the White Paper on AI in Clinical Practice


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