Ligia Kornowska

Medical doctor, managing director of the Polish Hospital Federation, an organization that unites the largest number of hospitals in Poland. A promoter of AI in medicine, leader of the AI in Health Coalition. Founder and president of Young Medical Managers. Honored on Forbes' "25 under 25" list in the "Business" category, featured on the "100 Most Influential People in Healthcare" 2019, 2020 and 2021 lists. Former CEO/director of several medical startups. Speaker and moderator of numerous national and international health sector conferences.

Karolina Kornowska

Project Manager of the AI in Health Coalition. Coordinator and co-author of the "Top Disruptors in Healthcare" Report. Project Manager of the Polish Hospital Federation and the Young Medical Managers team. Assistant Judge at the District Medical Court of the Wielkopolska Medical Chamber. She cooperated in the organization of the "RODO & Cyber in Health" conference cycle and the "AI in Health" conference. During her summer internship at DZP law firm, she was active in the Life Sciences team working on the Industry Code for the healthcare sector. She collaborated on the "Health in Conversation" podcast, as well as the "AI is not Sci-Fi" Review.


Adam Hołubek

Digital health area expert. Passionate about continuously discovering new technologies that bring value to the patient pathway and enhance the quality of healthcare solutions. Experienced in preparing commercial models for new digital health solutions.



Aleksandra M. Szczerbak

International Baccalaureate student at I SLO with International Branches named after Jam Saheb Digvijay Sinhji in Warsaw (2019-2023).

Personal Project (“Artificial Intelligence in medicine”).

Coordinator of organizational support for the 2nd edition of the "Top Disruptors in Healthcare" Report.