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The conference took place on 14.06.2022.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,, we would like to thank you for your incredibly high participation in the "AI in Health" conference, both in the stationary and online format.

The "AI in Health" Conference, organized by the AI in Health Coalition in cooperation with the Polish Hospital Federation, the inHealth expert team, the Piastów Śląskich Medical University in Wroclaw and HeartBIT_4.0, took place on 14/06/2022. This was the 2nd edition of the international event dedicated to artificial intelligence in health.

The Conference was watched by 250-300 participants at one time, while more than 700 were registered. The media reach of the Conference was more than 230,000.

The Conference featured nearly 40 speakers and panelists, including guests from Slovakia, the UK, Hungary, India, Italy, France and Germany.

Polish speakers included representatives of the public side, such as:

  • Łukasz Jankowski, President of the Supreme Medical Chamber
  • Piotr Węcławik, Director of the Innovation Department, Ministry of Health
  • Robert Kroplewski, Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Digitization for Information Society Affairs, Prime Minister's Office
  • Andrzej Ryś, Director of Health Systems, European Commission
  • Paweł Krzesiński, Head of the Department of Cardiology and Internal Medicine, Military Medical Institute
  • Bartłomiej Chmielowiec, Patient Ombudsman
  • Paweł Kikosicki, Director of eHealth Center
  • Hubert Życiński, Deputy Director of the Department of Innovation, Ministry of Health

Google for Startups and Google Cloud were Strategic Partners of the Conference. The Main Partner was PZU Health. Supporting Partners were Abbott, Alteris,, IQVIA, OVHcloud, Siemens Healthineers, Comarch Healthcare, GE Healthcare and MBA w ochronie zdrowia.

The conference received honorary patronage from 19 public institutions, patronage from 9 industry institutions and media patronage from 15 entities.

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Event Agenda


Evening Event

Shortly after the conference, at 7 pm, an evening event was held. Conference participants who received an appropriate invitation went to the headquarters of the British Embassy in Warsaw located at 12 Kawalerii Street. We would like to thank you for your participation in the evening event!

About the Conference

Algorithm accountability, the application of AI in a healthcare entity, business and technological aspects, cooperation with startups and, finally, the role of blockchain in health - these are the main topics of the second edition of the "AI in Health" conference, which was held on June 14. The "AI in Health" conference is the first such large-scale event in Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to artificial intelligence and innovation in health. Last year's installment of the event brought together a number of prominent communities and institutions, including prominent panelists from the UK, Bulgaria and Hungary.

The "AI in Health" conference is a response

to the staggering technological changes in the field of artificial intelligence, which also have a transformative impact on the health care system, research development and patient care. It is considered the leading forum in Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to artificial intelligence and innovation in health.

During the
AI in Health two very important documents for the health sector were presented. The first is a document developed by the AI in Health Coalition, Partners and other stakeholders - also as a result of public consultations - White Paper on AI in Clinical Practice The second of the documentaries, which has had its premiere during the AI in Health is „Top Distruptors in Healthcare”Report, which provides the first overview of Polish innovative medical startups.

Conference AI in Health was held in a stationary formula at the Crowne Plaza Warsaw - The Hub, from where it was broadcast via a special streaming platform to allow participation online as well. Participation in the event was completely free of charge.

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