A series of podcasts called "Health in Conversation" has been launched, talking about the technological revolution in medicine. Created by Polish Hospital Federation and AI in Health Coalition the podcast series is available (in polish) on the most popular streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple, Google+ and YouTube at the link: The main partner of the innovation for patient series is PZU Zdrowie, and media partners are Medonet, RynekZdrowia and Cowzdrowiu.

The "Health in Conversation" podcast includes 6 episodes of conversations with medical professionals, startups, innovators, patient organizations, the public side and medical directors about creating and implementing innovations in Polish health care with a particular focus on digital innovations.  This will serve to popularize the use of innovative solutions among patients and the general public. During the podcast, there will also be presentations of specific implementations in the field of AI.

Innovations in the medical sector are being implemented today. The development of new technologies is happening day by day, revolutionizing the medical world if only through the increasing use of artificial intelligence algorithms. However, there is still a sizable information gap, which is one of the barriers in the way of technological development. The Health in Conversation podcast will aim to address this barrier by providing the latest information on artificial intelligence implementations, increasing confidence in algorithms and innovations, and showing how they can contribute to improving the patient and physician experience - says Ligia Kornowska, Managing Director of the Polish Hospital Federation and leader of the AI in Health Coalition.

Thematic issues of the 1st series of podcasts include medical innovations that take into account the needs and comfort of the final recipients of a given solution - i.e. patients, as well as the implementation of health innovations while guaranteeing respect for patient rights and supporting the diagnostic and treatment process based on putting the patient at the center of medical care. One of the topics of "Health in Conversation" will also be the benefits for the patient achieved from the use of new technologies in medicine.

Medical innovation is a topic that seems complicated and distant from everyday life, but we don't realize how it is present in patients' lives. At PZU Health facilities, we have long been implementing and testing solutions from Polish start-ups that can improve the work of medical staff and increase the availability of care, including a symptom checker for the initial diagnosis of symptoms, an electronic stethoscope or a vein illuminator to facilitate blood draws. Our diagnostic imaging labs have also extensively piloted the BrainScan algorithm to facilitate stroke diagnosis. I'm glad that together with the AI Coalition and the Polish Hospital Federation we can promote the topic of innovation and make it interesting not only to technology enthusiasts, but to anyone who would like to acquire interesting knowledge about health - says Anna Janiczek, president of PZU Zdrowie.

We invite you to listen to the podcast -!